The STRAZE is a place for theatre, politics, music, film, literature and party. There is space for initiatives, associations, workshops, open community offices. The house is open for spontaneous ideas and local needs.


The STRAZE is an open house with space to create together and room to try things out.


Finally STRAZE - an open house for many and much!

Tension, nail-biting, many hands and tireless feet whirling, toiling, cleaning, and driving to Rostock to pick up the long-awaited chairs for the opening events at the last minute. The atmosphere a few hours before the first official opening event can be described with many adjectives, but still cannot be put into suitable words. read more


The House

We have created a place that has the potential to have an impact on the region and the community. A free space and a nucleus for diverse activities. A place for experimenting and promoting more social and ecological models for the future.  read more